Sell Us Your Timber

We Buy Timber1

Trust the Matson reputation. Your timber is a valuable asset. For Nine Generations, the Matson family has built a reputation for honesty and integrity by doing the job the right way for landowners. We will gladly provide references upon request.

Maximize your return. Our professional sales staff is constantly traveling the world in search of the best markets for lumber and logs. With consistent global demand, you can be assured that we will always offer you a fair price for your timber. Smaller competitors typically cannot match our prices. And with Matson, there are no middle-men to erode your profits. That means, no brokers who will “flip” your timber, and no consultants who will charge outrageous commissions.

There is only one way to manage your timber, YOUR WAY! Your timber management goals are unique. Whether you are interested in:

  • Long-term asset growth
  • Income
  • Forest Health & Sustainability
  • Deer & Wildlife Management
  • Aesthetics
  • Recreation

One of our professional foresters will consult with you, listen to your needs, and custom-design a harvest plan that will meet your specific goals. We provide this service at no cost or obligation.

We understand, because we’re a landowner too. Matson currently owns over 27,000 acres in western Pennsylvania and New York. No one has higher standards than Matson when it comes to taking care of your property. Every job is supervised by a professional SFI certified forester, and our crews follow the most current Best Management Practices for logging. We always take great care to prevent damage to residual trees – your future timber value. Operations are conducted in a way that minimizes soil disturbance, and no job is finished until the property is cleaned up to your satisfaction.