Our Products

Matson Lumber offers a variety of species for the discerning buyer. Our primary focus is the manufacturing of 11 different species of kiln-dried, North American hardwood lumber and logs.

Our goal is to produce a select variety of hardwoods and to produce them with the highest regard to consistency, quality and yield in mind.  Focusing on a select amount of hardwoods ensures that we deliver a superior product time and time again.  “From Start to Finish” relates to Matson’s continuous involvement with our products from growing timber to selling a quality product.  Our company grows, saws, dries, stores, markets, packages and ships Northern Hardwoods both domestically and internationally, with over 40 years’ experience in exporting. 


In addition to kiln-dried wood, Matson is a premium supplier of hardwood logs. Visit our Log Sales page for more information.

Green Lumber

Green Lumber is also available at Matson Lumber in a variety of species, grades and thicknesses. Please contact our office to speak to a salesperson regarding our exceptional Green Lumber.


Matson also produces a variety of by-products. We truly believe in utilizing all of the forest resources and by-products produced in our industry, thus contributing to a sustainable industry. Matson produces sawdust and bark.  We utilize our sawdust in our dry kilns and it is also sold along with the bark for a variety of uses.